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I am a relative newbie when it comes to astro-imaging: I picked up Fastar imaging equipment around October of 1999; and only more recently (April 2001) have I been doing any prime-focus astro-film imaging. For the latter I use a 4" refractor (an Astro-Physics "Traveler" f/5.8), and a medium format camera (Pentax 6 X 7) loaded with mainly Kodak E200 transparency film. Recently, I've traded in my ST-237 for a ST7E... And traded my C-8 for a C-9.25...

Whether it is the C-8, (Fastar or ST7E), or the Traveler; both sit atop a Losmandy G11 mount, guided by an SBIG ST-4 and 80mm refractor. I owe any imaging successes to this fine equipment; my friend and fellow astro-imager Ken Sablinsky; Jerry Lodriguss and his truly excellent--and helpful--website; and many others (see my Selected Links page below).

I won't bore you with my learning curve: I will only include my best images here.  For thumbnails, click on one:

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