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My first recumbent: a BikeE AT (rear shock model). An excellent commuter; well thought out design; extremely comfy and easy to get used to. A bit slower than regular "wedgie" bikes, especially on hills... I recently sold it.

I also had a CT model BikeE (no suspension model), that I liked extremely well, too... I continue to think that the CT model is the best bargain out there in the recumbent world. (Though, to be honest, ALL the below bikes were bought used--and at substantial savings too)!


This lovely recumbent is the V-Rex model from RANS. Light and sturdy: a wonderful hill climber, fast--and in every way a  joy to ride! vrex1.jpg (32667 bytes)


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This bike is also from RANS, a Saturn V model (an upgraded Rocket model RANS offered for a couple of years). A previous owner modified it with an electric assist motor kit from Currie Technologies. That's a battery hanging from the frame (my own modification--it used to be on the rear rack--what a difference in handling now!); the motor is rear of  the rear hub--you can see it through the rear wheel. It works extremely well: the motor gives you that boost you need (or wish you had) when climbing hills, or starting from a stop. After about 10 mph, you are on your own. I ride this bike the most here in hilly San Francisco!

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'Joe Cool'  here is Nick Hammer, a friend and competent finish carpenter--when he's not mouthing off!


The newest addition (June '02) to my stable: A RANS Velocity Squared. My first long wheelbase (LWB) recumbent; the handling is certainly different than any of my current short wheelbase (SWB) bikes, not to mention the forgiving handling to be experienced with compact long wheelbase (CLWB) designs like the BikeE... I've adapted.  In fact, I've found the V2 not only a good hill-climber and fast on the flats (due to a stiff frame combined with a low, lean, and aerodynamic design), but also not nearly as cumbersome as one might expect in an urban environment such as San Francisco. Plus: the long frame helps absorb some of the potholes that are unavoidable around here.

I've already put a rear rack on this bike, and will probably put fenders on it too.

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Want to learn more about recumbents? Visit 'Bentrider Online, an excellent e-zine!

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