Solid Teak Glass Paneled Wall Cabinet: $225

Front door is lockable (have key), two shelves, and large
bottom drawer. This entire unit is made of solid teak.
Glass panels on two sides and front door.

Lots of storage area: use as entertainment cabinet, display
cabinet, lockable liquor cabinet. . .

Inside drawer dimensions: 6-3/4" high, 28-7/8" wide, 16-1/4 deep--
enough to store 92 DVD's, or over 200 jewel-cased CD's!

The ripples you see in this shot of one of the shelves displays the hand-hewn working of the solid teak.
This cabinet was obviously made overseas, my guess: Indonesia. The exterior is smooth, by the way.

A shot of the crown.

This is a large cabinet. Dimensions are:
46-1/4" wide at crown (43-1/4" cabinet width)
19-3/4" deep at crown (18-1/4" cabinet depth)
78-1/2" high.

Total inside dimensions:
17-1/4" deep
41-3/8" wide
59-1/2 high.

Shelves are 17-1/4" deep by 41-3/8" long.
Shelves are adjustable, but you'll have to unscrew the
horizontal cleats they rest on and either:
A) Re-position the  cleats, or
B) Drill adjustable shelf holes
in the cab't and use shelf pins.

This cab't cost over $1200 at a local store in Marin, it certainly deserves a better,
more useful location than my garage!

Only $225.
Located in the Sunset District of San Francisco.

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