These images were taken with a Celestron 8" SCT working at f/1.95 using
Santa Barbara Instruments Group (SBIG) ST-237 CCD camera.


The Horsehead: LRGB

The Helix: LRGB


The Dumbbell: LRGB


These are my best images to date; mainly because I took the time to not only
subtract dark, bias, and flat frames, but also because I took the time to learn
how to combine LRGB correctly. All were (typically) taken as 5x2 min. with each
R, G, and Blue filter, and 15x2 min. of Luminance images. MaxIm DL and
Adobe Photoshop were used to process and post process images.

My learning curve with the Fastar and 237 (and many other less satisfying images)
can be viewed here.


My latest camera (October, 2001) is an SBIG ST7E. These are my first two images;
NGC 891 and Hickson 92 (Stephan's Quintet):
Both are 10 integrations of 3min each through a C8 @ f/6.5. Images are cropped.





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