The Rosette:   
 60min. on E200


The Pleiades:
45min. on Kodak Supra 400

Leonid Meteor Radiant
and Zodiacal Light 11/18/01


M33:         :
60min on E200

The Heart of Cygnus:
60min on E200
165mm Pentax Lens


    The Veil:
60min on E200



M42, M43, The Horsehead and Tanktracks:
60min. on E200

60min. on E200


Additional notes:


The Rosette: 4" f/5.8 AP refractor with (older model) AP Field Flattener; E200 film, Pentax 6 X 7 camera.  One-hour exposure. Approximately 15% of edges cropped. Background darkened, and image contrast fiddled with in Photoshop.

The Pleiades: I was using Supra 400 for a 45 minute exposure through the Traveler/FF/Pentax setup... I was expecting more of the Merope Nebula... Guess I will have to try a more blue sensitive film than Supra 400 for this one!

Leonid Meteor Radiant and The Zodiacal Light of 11/18/01: 40 minute exposure using E400 120 (medium format) film. "Piggybacked" on Traveler and Losmandy G11 mount. Taken during the height of activity starting around 2:10AM on the 18th of November. "Normal" 90mm Pentax lens stopped down to f/5. No cropping. Image contrast enhanced to bring out the ZL; image rotated to simulate "real sky" view facing East that night, with "The Sickle" of Leo drawn in.

This, like all images on this page, were taken near Plymouth, CA, in the Sierra foothills of Northern California: 38 degrees, 29' 29" latitude; 120 degrees, 39' 44" longitude.  2650' in elevation.

M33: Heavily Cropped and enlarged: On an 8 X 10, this galaxy is about an 1-1/2" wide. One-hour exposure on E200 medium format film, using the AP Traveler and FF.

The Heart of Cygnus: 165mm Pentax lens stopped down to f/5; E200 film. No cropping. Contrast enhanced with Photoshop.

The Veil: Same details as The Rosette, above.

M42, et al: Cropped for composure reasons, as well as vignetting ones in the corners. As usual: one hour on E200 using Traveler.

M101: My very first prime-focus shot. Using: 35mm (Olympus OM-1), AP Traveler, no Field Flattener, one hour exposure, on E200. Like the M33 shot, this is heavily cropped and enlarged--which results in some graininess.


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