By no means is this an exhaustive or authoritative list; these are just excellent sites that I know of, and have found
extremely helpful. This first set deserves to be singled out for their helpful articles, as well as their wonderful images.


Jerry Lodriguss


Wil Milan


Robert Gendler


Chris Cook


Al Kelly


John A. McCubbin


Richard Berry


Chuck Vaughn


APML Archives


Christopher Anderson


Ron Wodaski


Thierry Legault


Scott Tucker


Preston S. Justis


Brad Wallis and Robert Provin


George Greaney


Martin Germano


Todd Carlson


  Bert Katzung



Other excellent sites/imagers:


John Gleason


Tony and Daphne Hallas


Ray Gralak


Robert Reeves


Stan Moore


Tom Polakis


Steven Juchnowski


Bill and Sally Fletcher


Piermario Gualdoni


Steve Mandel


Michael Richmann


John Mirtle


  Bobby Middleton



Special mention to my imaging partner, Ken Sablinsky. In the field, I have learned a great
 deal from Ken--and I thank him for his patience!. He has some beautiful images too, check them out!

Other Bay Area imagers that I know of (and exchange e-mail with) are
Richard Navarrete and Paul Sterngold--their sites are worth checking out too!