July 2000 Images
C8 Fastar (mainly)
Ray Cash


m16lpass.jpg (33954 bytes) M16. Twelve 60 sec exposures summed using MaxIm software. Low-pass filter applied. Reduced in size by 25%.  Contrast this image with a log-scaled image from the same image files.  Which do you prefer?
m51bin.jpg (8284 bytes) M51. Using an f/6.5 reducer (from Taurus Technologies) and binned 2x2. 20 x 60 sec exposures summed with MaxIm.
m1760sec.jpg (48366 bytes) M17. One 60 second exposure. (Summed exposures did not reveal more detail).  Reduced in size by 25%.
5985basic.jpg (8388 bytes) NGC 5985 (mag.11.9)

NGC 5982 (mag.12)

NGC 5981 (mag 13.9)

NGC 5976 (mag 15.8)

One of my favorite sights in the sky!  Twelve summed 60-sec. exposures. Cropped and reduced in size by 25%.

5907expon.jpg (9136 bytes) NGC 5907.  Near the above trio, also in Draco. Twelve 60-sec exposures, summed, stretched, cropped, and reduced in size by 25%.
m81unsharp.jpg (14048 bytes) M81.  Twelve exposures of 60 secs summed. Unsharp mask used.
6822.jpg (58525 bytes) NGC 6822 ("Bernard's galaxy") in Sagittarius.  A difficult, low surface-brightness object--though large (mag 9.3; 10.1' x 8.8'). Ten exposures of 60 secs summed.
veil1.jpg (29504 bytes) The Veil, or rather, a portion of it (NGC 6960), near 52 Cygni. Ten exposures of 60 secs summed. Heavily cropped and reduced in size by 25%.
jones1.jpg (7933 bytes) Jones 1.  A very faint (mag 15.1), though large (5.3') planetary in Pegasus. Twenty 60 sec exposures stacked... Still: a very noisy image.  Heavily cropped and reduced in size by 25%.
m13unsharp2.jpg (27710 bytes) M13. A 60-sec exposure.  To the right of the line is IC 4617, a faint (mag. 15.5) galaxy. IC 4617 is NOT to be confused with the much better known (and brighter) NGC 6207, not included in this image.
6334.jpg (54760 bytes) NGC 6334.  A rich, complex, HII region in Sagittarius.  Twelve 60 sec exposures summed. Reduced in size by 25%.
6357.jpg (50830 bytes) NGC 6357.  Near 6334 in Sagittarius--perhaps part of the same complex?  Twelve 60 sec exposures summed.  Reduced in size by 25%.
m8.jpg (29457 bytes) M8.  A 60 second exposure.  Reduced in size by 25%.
COMET.jpg (38985 bytes) Comet Linear S4. July 1, 2000. One 60 sec exposure.  (I did ten 60 sec exposures, but by "blinking" with MaxIm DL, I found the comet moved a few arc-minutes!)  ... But not interesting enough to create--and ask you to wait for--an animation consisting of ten images over ten or so minutes!

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