Selected Deep-Sky Links and Tools

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Jim Shields' and Steve Gottlieb's:
Adventures in Deep Space
Challenging Observing Projects for Amateur Astronomers

The NGC/IC Project  Observing list generator; "puzzles" of the NGC/IC; Corrected positions and notes; DSS photos; and much, much more.

Arp's Catalog of Peculiar Galaxies

Doug Snyder's Planetary Nebulae Observer's Home Page

Mr. Galaxy's Supernovae   Excellent Supernova page.

Astronomy Pages by Tom Polakis

Randy Muller's Observing Reports

The Astronomy Connection (TAC) Observing Reports (San Francisco Bay Area). See also: TAC's Homepage

Deep Sky Sketches (Jere Kahanpلل) and Observing

SEDS Messier Database

SEDS:  Deep-Sky lists similar to Messier's

Deep Sky Database   Another excellent "list generator" tool.  Yet another superb list and map generator--and more!

Visual deep sky (and drawings) through a six-inch

Back River Observatory:  John C. Vickers and his CCD Atlases

Bill Ferris' Cosmic Voyage   Deep-Sky observing notes, sketches, and much more.

The Digital Sky Survey

DarkSky--estimate your local limiting magnitude, and find a dark site near you!

Ciel Extreme A French Deep-sky 'zine. Some parts of this excellent webpage is translated into English.

Deepsky Observer's Companion.   From South Africa.

Interstellarum  Legendary German Deep-Sky magazine and Webpage.

Make a Sky Map

Bill Arnett's Astro-Software Page   What's available, and where. 

amastro :   A mailing list for discussing deep-sky observations.

You Know You're a Deep-Sky Observer When...  A little humor culled from the Sci. Astro. Amateur Newsgroup.

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