Other Sidewalk Astronomers' Websites and Communities

You are encouraged to start your own group of Sidewalk Astronomers--even if that group is only one! In keeping with tradition (and good sense), our bureacracy is almost non-existent. We are a registered non-profit organization in the State of California. Charging for our services, of course, would be contrary to what we are about. You are welcome to print or use in any publication or Webpage anything you see on this Webpage. Oh,... and do let us know how you are doing!

Other Sidewalk Astronomers' Websites:

The Alburquerque Coffee shop Astronomers

The Brooklyn Sidewalk Astronomer

The Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers

The Toronto Sidewalk Astronomers

The Liverpool Sidewalk Astronomers

The Central Sidewalk Astronomers


Other Sidewalk Astronomer groups without Websites:

The Sacramento Sidewalk Astronomers
3728 Schutt Way
Sacramento CA 9583

Douglas Wolfe


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The Sidewalk Astronomers
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