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After about five years of having this page up, I have abrogated my association with the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers--mainly because I don't physically go out to the sidewalk anymore with my telescope(s). . . However, in this virtual world, I  still  encourage others to do so:  it's a great way to 'share the universe' (and your enthusiasm!), especially if your temperament is at all outgoing. . .

This page will continue to have some "sidewalk-like" articles beneath its cover, but it will also be geared to the average astro-interested beginner.

For official SF Sidewalk Astronomer information, go to: Morris Jones' San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers' Webpage ... Or call the SFSA "hotline" for the latest scheduled get together: (415) 289-2007.


Make Your Own Telescope

What is Sidewalk Astronomy?
by Douglas  Wolfe

Before you go out to the sidewalk . . .

I  Am New to Astronomy, Where do I start?

Who Is John Dobson?

Sidewalk Astronomer Communities and Websites

Astronomy Links

Share Your Sidewalk Experiences HERE!


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