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Don Bates' 10-inch f/4.9:                                   

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I just wanted to thank you for the Dobsonian plans that you put on the
Internet. I have built two scopes following your plans ( a 6 inch f/7.1 for my
son, and a 10inch f/4.9 for me) . In addition to building the mounts, I also
ground and polished both primary mirrors. I have attached two pictures of the
10" f/4.9.

Your plans were excellent, everything fit perfectly (a big surprise for a
non-wood worker like me) and it was a big help having everything pre-measured for the different size scopes ...

Anyway, I had a blast building these scopes, and they are MUCH better than
anything I could buy pre-built. Clear Skies!

Don Bates
Houston Texas


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