Eight-inch Telescope Overview with Plywood Cut Pattern

3/4" thick plywood—cut to these sizes: Parts A (2 pieces--top and bottom of Tube Box) 10-1/2"x 10-1/2" Parts B (4 pieces) (sides-tube box; Cradle Boards) 10-1/2"x 12" Parts C (7 pieces--(Rocker Box, Ground Board) 14-1/2"x 15-3/4"
Parts D (3 pieces--Feet) 2"x 2" Part E (1piece--tailgate) 8"x 8" Parts F (4 pieces) 1"x 4" (Mirror Blocks--not shown) Parts G (2 pieces--6" diameter circles; Altitude Bearings) Not shown below--cut from "extra."



You can make your job easier by having the lumberyard pre-cut your plywood on their panel saw. Most stores give you two free cuts and charge 25c for each additional cut. (They can only do the vertical cuts above.) Then cut the pre-cut pieces into the necessary sizes at home.

Make sure you tell the salesperson cutting the wood for you that these sizes are for the finished (cut) pieces of wood. Allowance will have to be made before cutting for the width of the saw blade ! ! ! (You lose about 1/8" of an inch for each cut, usually.) The wood sizes given should be the actual sizes of the cut pieces of wood.

Refer to the above drawing and plywood "cut pattern" throughout the following step-by-step instructions. Label all pieces (in pencil, chalk, or crayon) as they are cut! We will build our telescope from the "inside out," beginning with the tube.

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