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Compact Designs:


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Tom Clark of Tectron Telescopes and Amateur Astronomy Magazine started this trend in the '80's. This is an 18-incher, ready for transport.

Hawaiian astronomer
K. Barry Peckham (extreme right) makes exquisite compact telescopes: Litebox Designs

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These two suitcases contain all the pieces for Jack Gelfand's 16" scope:


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Chuck Faytak of Erie, PA has crafted a fine scope. E-mail him for more pics!





Kurt Maurer's scopes and home-built accessories (including equatorial platform).   Don't neglect to check out his remake of an Astroscan into a "mini-Obsession," seen here at his knee.

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Tom Noe of Wylie, Texas handcrafts top-of-the-line compact telescopes of various sizes.  Go to Linda Silas' Homepage (Tom's "significant other") to download a complete .pdf manual for one of his scopes (click on the "Graphic Design" button and scroll down to "Technical Manuals and Brochures"--you'll see the images at the left).



David North's two-tube 12.5-incher.



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Koalimation bag, truss bag, and 8" Travelscope by Akkana Peck. Deck by David North.








Paul LeFevre's 6" Travel Scope (and others)

See also Scott Neuman's 8"--inspired by Paul's design.



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Ultra-Light Designs:


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Greg Babcock's ultra-light Dob, and fine WebPages.

Frédéric Géa's 31.5" (800mm) Ultralight.

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Albert Highe's three-tube 12.5 ultra-light (LightWare Telescope Designs).   See also Albert's Homepage for a look at his six-incher.

Paul Stock and Mike Reed's Backpacking Telescope Page



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Tom Krajci's  ultra-light with "virtual counterweight.


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40POUND2.gif (13479 bytes) Gary Wolanski's 40lb 16" project.
Visit, too, Gary's Astro Fabricating Page for excellent low-profile focusers and spiders.


Bruce Sayre's ultra-light metal telescopes.
20" here pictured.



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Tracking Solutions:

Mel Bartels' ultra-light 20" with computerized alt-az motors: An ATM site with loads of information!


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Don Halter's computerized 16" Dob.


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Jim Fly's 8" motorized Dob and very nice WebPages.





See also:

This page for equatorial platform basics.

TLSystems for EQ Platform kits.

Chuck Shaw for plans.

Warren Peters for plans
(Warren has plans for other things as well).

Jan van Gastel for plans.

Don Odegard's eq. platform and other pages.

David Shouldice's low profile eq. platform.

An "evolved Poncet" page

Johnsonian Designs: Adjustable Equatorial Platforms


Equatorial Platforms
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Custom built by
Tom Osypowski



Other Valuable Resources:


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Don't just subscribe to Amateur Astronomy: order all the back issues, too!

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Another fine quarterly magazine:
ATM Journal.

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THE ATM book of recent years. Written by TM masters  Richard Berry and Dave Kriege. Available through Dave's Obsession Telescopes.




Excellent Commercial Dobsonians:

Litebox Designs
Mag1 Instruments (not a Dob; but not to be overlooked!)
Obsession Telescopes
Sky Valley Scopes
StarMaster Telescopes
Starsplitter Telescopes
Tectron Telescopes
A Binocular Telescope Company
Discovery Telescopes
LightWare Telescope Designs
Black Knight Telescopes




Miscellaneous ATM Links
(not necessarily Dob related)


The ATM Page
Truss Tube Connectors: (John Kasunich)
9" split ring
12.5" split ring
Stephen Tonkin's WebPages (from the UK)
Construction de Dobson (excellent French site)
The ATM Resource List
Orion Telescope and Binocular Center
Crazy Ed Optical
Small Parts, Inc.
Reid Tool and Supply Co. (hand knobs)
Telescoping Tubes
Van Slyke Engineering
Keith Wichman's Tube Dobs
Dave Aucoin's 13" Dob Retrofit
Clive's aluminum 20" binocular and 12.5 ultralight
Swayze Optical
    (Check out his "How to Make a Spider" page, too).


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