Main Parameters / General Construction Tips

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As you can see, the main parameters of this design were:

General Construction Notes and Tips:

These "plans" are not for the novice woodworker. No way can I "hold your hand" through every process of making this scope--or one similar to it--via email. You must be willing to solve problems for yourself! And--to repeat--I expect you to already have some woodworking skills, tools, and "dead tree" resources.

Lastly; these notes are not complete; I am outlining the parameters of this design; I am providing you with photos and dimensions; I am telling you what I would have done differently...  I am not providing you detailed CAD drawings, a cut list, a plywood cut pattern, or extensive links to sources.  All of these things I plan to do in the future: This site is still very much "under construction." ...So please be patient, and do some of the footwork yourself; at least for now.

If you want to use these plans around a 12.5" mirror, I am sure they would work.

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