Plans and Construction Tips for Building
a 13" Airline-Transportable "Travel Scope"
by Ray Cash

mnscope2.gif (56257 bytes)
My lovely wife next to the 13" scope in Hawaii, 1998.

13bdob.gif (40342 bytes)
The scope breaks down and fits into its
own sturdy, airline-transportable case.

I made this telescope around a 13" Coulter f/4.4 mirror in 1991 after seeing an article emphasizing such an approach by Tom Clark in Sky and Telescope of about that time. Since then, this scope has served me well--whether it has been used on a sidewalk here in San Francisco, traveled on a back seat of a small car en route to the Sierras, or packed away as luggage on a commercial airline. I even re-designed my larger 17.5" scope around these principles:

13.1"; 17.5"; Equatorial Platform

On the following pages you will find all the dimensions and construction tips needed to make one of these scopes--or one similar--for yourself.

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